Where Can You Find a Selection of Western Wedding Rings?

Shoppers can find a selection of Western-style wedding rings at Cowboy Jewelers and at Fanning Jewelry. Both retailers specialize in rings and other jewelry featuring Western elements such as turquoise and detailed silverwork. They also offer designs that include horseshoes, barbed wire and stars.

Kokopelli of New Hampshire also offers wedding and engagement rings with Western elements. This retailer specializes in Native American patterns and rings that feature stones common in Native American jewelry, such as turquoise, onyx and opal.

Shoppers can also find Western-style wedding rings at retailers that also sell more traditional wedding and engagement jewelry, such as Etsy, which connects buyers to vintage and artisan sellers around the world. The Etsy shop West Wind Creations features handmade silver and gold rings with Western motifs such as arrowheads and silver filigree. The Etsy shop DeLisaRottaJewelry also sells handmade Western-style jewelry, featuring rings for both men and women made with recycled silver.