How Can I Save Money on Children's Party Gifts?


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To save money on children's party gifts, many families scale down on the number of presents they give and start shopping early. Sharing the cost of larger gift items with close friends or family can also help immensely. There are numerous ways to save money on gifts, it just requires a little forethought.

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For parents taking their child to a friend's party, there are a few options for giving a nice gift without breaking the budget. Depending on the age of the child, parents can work with their children to make a gift for their friend. Little girls enjoy making beaded jewelry, and supplies do not cost much money. Children can use stamps and fabric paint to create a custom t-shirt for their friend. For talented cooks, bake a special treat with your child that they can take to the party.

To save money on gifts for your own children, sit down and talk to them about what they really want. In many cases, children ask for things just because friends have them. Parents should try to identify the most important gift, and focus on that one. Another option is for parents to offer a special activity, like a movie or a trip to the local go-kart track or rock-climbing gym instead of a present. Sometimes, doing something together as a family makes a better and cheaper present, especially for older children.

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