What Can You Put in a Thank-You Letter for a Donation?

What Can You Put in a Thank-You Letter for a Donation?

A thank-you letter should include an acknowledgement of the specific item donated, a mention of how that donation helps the organization, and some personal touches such as the donor's name. Some organizations also include information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities or other ways to help.

Personalization is key to a successful thank-you letter for a donation. The recipient can easily spot a form letter with little or no personalization. Those types of letters often aren't well-received and don't make the giver feel appreciated.

If using a template, adding personalization for each recipient is key. Using the donor's name in the greeting is a simple personalization method. Pronouns such as "you" and "we" help the recipient feel included and appreciated. The donor's history with the organization is another way to personalize the letter. Acknowledging continued support through donations is an option for repeat donors.

Donors also like to know where their money or donation of items goes. Telling a story about how the donation helped or giving a specific example of its use is one option. If your organization has not used the donation yet, explain the plans for the money or items. Pictures of the donations in use also help connect the donors to the organization.

The letter should be sincere and specific without being too long. A personal, handwritten signature closes the letter well and shows the donor that an official with the organization appreciates her enough to sign the letter.