Where Can You Purchase Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers?

Where Can You Purchase Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers?

Several online retailers including TheCandyBarWrapper.com, OrientalTrading.com, CandyWrapperStore.com and CustomCandyBarWrapper.com sell custom candy bar wrappers. Wrappers are available in a variety of styles and sizes and are customizable with text or photos.

TheCandyBarWrapper.com has templates for many holidays and special occasions. Customers may choose to only purchase the wrapper or purchase the entire candy bar. Candy choices include Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Hershey's Cookies n Cream or Hershey's Special Dark. The minimum order is 24 wrappers or bars, as of 2015.

OrientalTrading.com has many personalizable templates of candy wrappers. It offers several color and font selections for each design, customized text and photos. Wrappers are sold without candy, and orders are by the dozen.

CandyWrapperStore.com specializes in personalized candy wrappers and other favors. They offer completely custom miniature and full-sized candy bars, and customers may choose only wrappers or complete with candy bar. Chocolate choices are Hershey's Milk Chocolate or Belgium light or dark chocolate. The minimum order size is 40 and wrappers are delivered in seven to 10 business days, as of 2015.

CustomCandyBarWrapper.com offers personalized templates for many holidays and occasions. Many designs allow customers to customize graphics, font and color. Wrappers are available in full, size, fun size or miniature and are available with or without candy bars. Minimum order size is 12 wrappers.