Can You Provide an Example of a Resolution for a Funeral?

Several examples of a resolution for a funeral are found on Since resolutions differ from eulogies and follow a specific format, and provide examples and directions for funeral resolutions, too.

A funeral resolution consists of a title, introduction, whereas statements, resolutions and an official statement. The information comes from family and church members. The resolution is an official church document with a religious context and purpose. The document is added to the church files for the deceased.

A funeral resolution is similar to a eulogy. However, eulogies can be very varied and include anecdotes or humorous details of the deceased. A resolution is a formal testament of the deceased and his religious life, too. Since it is a church document, the information is very similar for all funeral resolutions.

Some examples of funeral resolutions include scriptural passages or quotes. The introduction and concluding words are meant to address family and close friends who have survived the deceased. The language of a resolution also follows a prayerful tone and mentions God.

While a resolution for a funeral does follow a specific structure, it is important to consult the preferences of family members when writing the official church document.