Where Can I Find Poems to Use in a Funeral Eulogy?


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Poems suitable for inclusion in a funeral eulogy can be found at the PoemHunter andFuneralHelper websites. The poems featured on these websites may be suitable or else adapted for either religious ornon-religious funerals.

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Where Can I Find Poems to Use in a Funeral Eulogy?
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A popular eulogy poem is "O Captain! My Captain!" by Walt Whitman. This is both a mournful and a celebratory poem, striking a balance between the two. On the one hand, Whitman rejoices in the successes of a life, while on the other, he respectfully mourns its ending. The poem has a naval subject matter that couldmake it particularly well-suited to a military funeral.

Another poem suitable for reading as part of a eulogy, and one with perhaps more universal relevance, is "England" by A.E. Houseman. This poem has a mournful tone throughout,evoking fond memories but concluding with this line: "The happy highways where I went / And cannot come again."

The "England" poem is featured on a page of theFuneralHelper website dedicated to non-religious poetry. However, all ofthe poems categorized as non-religious mayalso be used at a religious ceremony. Labeling them non-religious is not meant to be exclusive, but rather inclusive, with each of the poems having a religious or spiritual neutrality, and therefore having relevance for a broad spectrumof funeral guests.

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