Where Can You Find Poems That Celebrate a Pastor's Anniversary?


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You can find poems on pastor-centric websites such as My-Pastor.com and Pastor-Gifts.com, as well as poetry websites such as PoetryPoem.com. To celebrate a pastor's anniversary, many members of a church's congregation use poems to express their gratitude for his service.

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Instead of having an extravagant celebration or purchasing expensive gifts, pastors often appreciate simple gestures, such as meaningful poems. These poems often express the thankfulness felt by the members of his congregation for his continued service, dedication, faith in God and kindness. Some of these poems are short, making them ideal for transcribing in greeting cards or on banners. Longer ones can be shared on plaques or printed on designed cardstock to be framed.

Framed poems can be hung in a pastor's office and serve as a constant reminder of the appreciation felt by his congregation. A poem can encourage continued service, such as this stanza to end a poem by an anonymous author: "Your labor is often/without our reward/still you strive to feed us/with the meat of His sword/So with these mere words/for all that you do/We are grateful to God/For giving us you!" The poem can also be encouraging or inspirational. A poem can either be spoken, written or printed.

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