How Can I Plan Tasteful, Clean Bachelorette Party Games?

To plan clean, tasteful games for a bachelorette party, find activities that are not sleazy or sexually graphic. Try picturing the bride's grandmother: if she would approve of the game, it's safe for a classy bachelorette party.

  1. Think simply

    Simple shower games work well for clean bachelorette party games. Do a purse scavenger hunt, play "What's in the bag?" or have guests try to name funny and odd items women use. Write a quiz to find out how well the bride knows her groom. Other fun games include word games, such as one where guests see how long they can go without saying "bride," "groom" or "honeymoon."

  2. Avoid overtly sexual overtones

    Stay away from any game that has a graphic or overly sexual nature. Once guests feel as though games and activities are taking that turn, the entire party may start getting a bit raucous. Games involving male genitalia, sexual positions or even stories about wedding nights could lead to a less than desirable outcome for the bachelorette party.

  3. Consider limiting alcohol

    Since alcohol loosens inhibitions, serving it a party can quickly turn a friendly conversation into a string of suggestive innuendos. Helping guests stay on their best behavior makes it easier to keep the tone of the party as classy and fun as the bride and hosts desire. Even a little wine could lead some guests to turn the most innocuous game inappropriate.