How Can I Plan a Fundraising Dinner?


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Plan for your fundraising dinner by meeting with representatives of the fundraising organization. Decide on major aspects of the dinner, and determine the date of the dinner and if there will be additional activities. The first steps are to outline the type of dinner and what is needed for it.

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Meet with the representatives of the organization hosting the fundraiser. Once together, the outline for the dinner should be drafted. Choose whether the dinner is going to be a simple affair, or if it will have activities such as a raffle or auction. Make a decision if the dinner will be buffet or if it will need waiters.

A contract needs to be drawn up that agrees on what services are needed, and how much to pay for them. Develop a budget for the dinner: include what food choices will be available, decorations required, banquet hall rental, liability insurance and catering costs. Calculate the costs of postage for tickets, advertisements and staff pay. Incorporate all potential costs into the budget.

Create a timetable that includes the date of the fundraiser, and schedule frequent meetings with representatives of staff and organization. Find a location for the dinner, and ask local businesses to sponsor or provide items for an auction or raffle. Put up flyers and posters to advertise the fundraiser. Notify local community affiliations and news agencies about the upcoming event. Advertise in the local newspaper, and on local television stations.

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