Can You Get a Photographer for a Funeral?


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It is possible to hire a photographer for a funeral, and the tradition is not new. Centuries ago, funerals were recorded in paintings, but with the invention of the camera, funeral photography became much more common.

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Many families choose to have a funeral photographer at the service for their loved ones. Funeral photographers cover all the aspects of the service, such as the wake, the guests and the flowers. They are knowledgeable about ensuring the photos are tasteful and respectful of the deceased and the grieving family members.

Although a funeral is a sad event, it is also often an event where the whole family is together for the first time in years. A funeral photographer can document the family and friends who came together to pay their respects and support each other in a difficult time.

Funeral photographers may specialize in funerals, but some offer other services as well, such as wedding photography. Either way, they specialize in taking compassionate photographs without intruding on a family’s important day. When hiring a funeral photographer, it is appropriate to ask to see his portfolio to ensure the photographer’s style matches the desires and expectations of the grieving family members. Ideally, the consideration is made well in advance, before the need arises.

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