How Can a Person Make a "Flashdance" Costume?

How Can a Person Make a "Flashdance" Costume?

To make a "Flashdance" costume, wear an oversized, long gray sweatshirt with an optional dancer's leotard. The neckline of the sweatshirt also needs to be cut to hang off the shoulder.

Besides the shirt, additional steps are necessary to complete the outfit.

Step 1: Choose a 1980s-style hair

Choose a frizzy perm, about shoulder length or a touch longer, with the sides pulled back with barrettes.

Step 2: Choose what to wear on the legs and feet

Select high-heeled red shoes with no hosiery.

Step 3: Do the makeup and jewelry

To finish the costume, wear only light makeup and minimal jewelry, such as a thin silver bangle bracelet and simply styled chunky, dangling earrings.