How Can a Person Make a Bustle on a Wedding Dress?


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To make a bustle on a wedding dress, simply draw up the train of the dress and hook it over the bustle buttons or hooks on the waistline. Bustles are used to keep the long train of a wedding dress off the floor during the reception. It allows the bride to move freely, and helps keep the dress clean.

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A long train on a wedding dress is a beautiful touch during the ceremony and for pictures. During the reception, however, it can be cumbersome. Bustling the train is a convenient option for getting it out of the way.

Step 1: Locate the buttons or hooks for the bustle

The style of the dress dictates the location of the fasteners for the bustle. An overbustle is the most common, and buttons or eyes (for the hooks) are located around the waistline. The hooks or button loops are sewn down the back of the train.

Step 2: Secure the fasteners

Once the fasteners have been located, start attaching the train to the bustle hooks or buttons. It is easiest to start in the middle of the train and work outwards from there, alternating sides. If the train is especially large, the task may take more than one person.

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