Where Can One Plant a Tree in Memory of a Loved One?

can-one-plant-tree-memory-loved-one Credit: Tetra Images - Daniel Grill/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) is one of the most active organizations that encourage people to plant a tree in celebration of life, creating a memorial in honor of their loved ones. The foundation allows the family members and friends of the loved one to choose a location for the tree, including the Superior National Park in Minnesota and the Blackwater River State Forest, the largest state forest in Florida.

The ADF has a wide array of gift trees to choose from, including fast-growing trees, flowering trees and fruit trees. The foundation's gift trees are hardy trees that are ready to plant. The tree also comes with printed instruction materials in the package.

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) is another organization that allows individuals to commemorate their loved one's memory through planting or donating a tree through the foundation. Like the Arbor Day Foundation, NFF accepts donations as small as $1. According to the NFF website, the foundation plants a tree for every dollar donated. Individuals can choose the type of tree and the available forest in which it is to be planted in memory of loved ones. The NFF, in particular, allows choices of various state forests from all the participating states throughout the United States.