Can You Negotiate the Price of Wedding Cakes?

A bride and groom can negotiate the cost of their wedding cake by knowing their budget, being clear about their expectations and knowing what other bakers charge for a similar product. Being tactful, honest and open to compromise helps couples negotiate a good deal.

Consumers are better equipped to negotiate when they have done their homework in advance. Couples who want to negotiate with a baker are wise to have quotes from other bakeries and to make that knowledge known, and to not be afraid to ask for what they want.

Being kind and polite go a long way. Bakeries may be more willing to work a deal for customers who respectfully ask for a deal rather than make demands. By being specific, forthright and aware of the details of a proposed cost, couples can successfully negotiate the cost of a wedding cake.

Other ideas for negotiating the cost of a wedding cake include making the business aware of any potential customer referrals that might result from friends; discussing creative ideas to save money, such as displaying only a small cake and serving more economical sheet cake; and planning ahead, as negotiating leverage is harder for a customer to have when the need is urgent.