What Can a Mother Tell Her Daughter for Her 18th Birthday?

For her daughter's 18th birthday, a mother can send optimistic messages that recall the strength with which her daughter may have faced adversity in the past and bless her for the all years that are yet to come. Words of wisdom, advice and cherished memories are great to add on an 18th birthday message and can be extremely personal when coming from a mother.

Since the 18th birthday is a huge milestone in many girls' lives, a memorable message is a great way for a mother to show her daughter how much she cares about her well-being. Some examples of messages include "no matter how old you become, our arms are always open for a warm hug," and "it does not matter whether you are eighteen or eighty-one: you will always be mommy's little daughter." Some examples of positive, but generic, messages are "congratulations on becoming and adult" and "cherish the memories."

Other messages can also include cautious blessings and words of advice. For instance, "turning 18 means that you are in charge of your destiny, but don't forget that with freedom comes responsibility" and "never betray love that is true" are more serious messages. Humorous messages can include pop culture references to celebrities who were making yearly salaries in the millions by the time they turned 18.