Where Can You Find the Meaning of a Birthdate?


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In order to find out the meaning of a specific birthday, numerology uses an equation that adds the digits in the birthday to reveal information about a person's skills and characteristics and, in some cases, what challenges they will need to overcome. Numerology has been around for centuries dating back to Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician who lived from 569 to 475 B.C.

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Finding out a person's birthday number is part of numerology's system of revealing a person's characteristics and the path that they are traveling in life. A birthday number is one on a handful of important numbers, including the life number. These numbers have different meanings attached to them and are compared to the commonly accepted meanings found in numerology research and literature.

To find a birthday number, simply add the numbers in the date of the birthday. For example, if a person's birth date is June 14, 1983, add one plus four to get a birthday number of five. In this system, someone with a birthday on the first of July would have the same birthday number as a person born on the tenth.

Numbers in numerology have specific characteristics ranging from one to nine, arranged to co-exist with each of the planets.

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