How Can You Make a Fruit Display for a Party?


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One way to make a fruit display for a party is to use bamboo skewers to connect different pieces of fruit for a creative fruit presentation. It is important to use fruit that won't brown when peeled and holds its shape when cut.

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One idea for a fruit display is to make melon ball lollipops. This requires a large cantaloupe, a watermelon, a lemon and assorted sizes of bamboo skewers. Start by washing and drying the outside of the fruit. Cut the cantaloupe in half, and scoop out the seeds. With a 1 tablespoon scoop, use one half of the cantaloupe and scoop out melon balls.

Next, cut the watermelon in half, and use the scooper to scoop melon balls from both halves of the watermelon. Now, take the leftover cantaloupe half, and slice a piece off the bottom so that is lays flat. Now, take the skewers, stick a melon ball on one end and stick the other end into the fleshy part of the leftover cantaloupe. Arrange the melon balls in a creative and colorful pattern or shape. A bowl may also be made from half of the watermelon, but the natural well in the cantaloupe helps catch dripping juices.

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