How Can You Make an Elegant Christmas Wreath?


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One way to make an elegant and classic Christmas wreath is to wrap greenery, pieces of fruit and pine cones around a wire frame. Alternatively, use a foam wreath, ball ornaments, fabric balls and burlap.

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To make a classic Christmas wreath, start with a wire frame in the desired size and shape. Use floral wire to attach several small bundles of greenery such as evergreen boughs, laurel, boxwood, holly or magnolia to the frame. Use the same method to attach small oranges, limes, cranberries, kumquats or pine cones as desired. Fruits that have no stem can be attached by poking the floral wire directly through the fruit, then wrapping it around the frame. Use the greenery to conceal any wires visible on the fruit.

For a different take on an elegant holiday wreath, gather several glass or plastic ornaments in colors such as silver, gold, cream and pearl, along with some foam balls. Wrap a foam wreath in a strip of white linen and remove the tops of the ornaments. Wrap the foam balls in a layer of burlap, securing the burlap with straight pins. Use a hot glue gun to attach the ornaments and foam balls to the wreath, allowing each one to dry before moving to the next. Remember to distribute the different colors and textures somewhat evenly as you go.

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