How Can You Make a DIY Diaper Cake?


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Make a diaper cake by rolling diapers into cylinders and organizing them into round layers. This project takes less than one hour. You need diapers, ribbon, rubber bands, clear stretch jewelry cord, scissors, baby accessories and a cake plate.

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  1. Roll the diapers

    Tightly roll the diapers into cylinders. Wrap a rubber band around the diaper cylinders to keep them in neat rolls.

  2. Make the bottom diaper layer

    Place baby accessories such as toys, wipes or rattles in the middle of the cake plate. Place two layers of the diaper rolls around the accessories until you have a circular shape. Wrap a piece of clear stretch jewelry cord around the middle of the diapers to secure them into place.

  3. Make the second diaper tier

    For the second diaper tier of the cake, place rolled up diapers around the exposed parts of the baby accessories to form a circle. Wrap clear stretch jewelry cord around the diapers.

  4. Add the ribbon

    Wrap some ribbon around the diaper layers so that the rubber bands are hidden.

  5. Decorate the diaper cake

    Decorate the diaper cake by tucking teething rings or rattles inside the ribbon, or tie them onto the ribbon using clear stretch jewelry cord. Top the cake with a stuffed animal or toy.

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