How Can You Make a Diaper Cake?


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To make a diaper cake, roll 60 diapers and seven washcloths. Secure each piece with rubber bands. Use the rolled diapers and washcloths to make three circular cake tiers around a paper towel roll. Secure the diaper cake and decorate it. The process takes about one hour to complete.

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  1. Roll and tie the diapers

    Roll approximately 60 diapers into a cylinder shape by twisting the diapers up from the crotch towards the waistband. Tie a rubber band around the center of each rolled diaper.

  2. Roll and tie the washcloths

    Roll seven washcloths or teething blankets into a cylindrical shape. Tie the washcloths or teething blankets with a rubber band.

  3. Build the first tier

    Set a clean, unused paper towel roll in the center of a table. Use approximately 36 diapers to make three circular rows of diapers around the paper towel roll. Wrap an extra-large rubber band around the three diaper rows.

  4. Cut out the diaper cake base

    Place the first tier of the diaper cake on top of a large piece of heavy cardboard. Use a marker to draw a circle around the tier. Remove the tier, and cut the circle out of the cardboard.

  5. Make the second tier

    Use approximately 18 diapers to make the second cylindrical tier of the cake. Fasten the tier with an extra-large rubber band.

  6. Make the third tier

    Make the third tier of the cake by arranging the rolled washcloths on top of the second tier of the cake. Wrap an extra-large rubber band around the washcloths, and push a pencil through the bottom of the third tier down into the top of the second tier to secure the diaper cake.

  7. Decorate the cake

    Wrap decorative ribbon around each layer of the cake. Place a large stuffed animal on top of the cake.

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