How Can I Make Christmas Napkin Rings?

How Can I Make Christmas Napkin Rings?

Create holly napkin rings for Christmas festivities by cutting out holly leaf shapes, sewing the stems together, sewing the leaves onto material for the napkin ring and decorating the rings with ribbon and bells. Items needed for this project are tracing paper, felt, embossed red velvet, scissors, fabric glue, hot glue, a needle, thread, bells and ribbon.

  1. Assemble the holly leaves

    Draw and cut holly leaves out of tracing paper to make the pattern. Trace the leaves onto green felt, and cut them out. Trace slightly larger leaves onto white felt, and cut them out. Center the green leaves on the white leaves, and glue them together using the fabric glue. Sew the stems of three of the holly leaves together.

  2. Assemble the napkin ring

    Cut strips of embossed red velvet that measure 1 ? inches by 7 ? inches for the napkin rings. Form rings with the strips; overlap the ends, and sew the ends together. Sew the sets of three leaves onto the overlapped part of the rings.

  3. Decorate the rings

    Add the finishing touches to the napkin rings by adding bells and ribbons. Hot-glue three small red bells to the center of the sets of leaves. Cut the ribbon into 9-inch pieces. Fold the ribbon in half, and form two loops in the center. Stitch the area between the two loops to keep them folded. Sew the ribbon to the napkin ring on the side of the holly leaves.