How Can You Make Christmas Cards?


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Make Christmas cards by cutting out varying lengths of ribbon and sewing them in the shape of a Christmas tree onto a folded piece of card stock. This project takes only a few minutes and requires ribbon, paper or card stock, pinking shears and a sewing machine.

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  1. Cut the ribbon

    Get at least two different colors of ribbon with a width of 3/8 inch. Cut the ribbon into gradually longer lengths. These are the branches of your Christmas tree. As you cut, make sure to stagger the colors.

  2. Prepare the paper

    Cut a piece of card stock the length of an unfolded Christmas card. Fold the paper in half.

  3. Prepare the ribbon

    Trim the ends of the ribbon with pinking shears for a scalloped edge. This gives the ribbon a more branch-like appearance.

  4. Position the ribbon strips

    Position the ribbon on the front of the card. Place the shortest piece at the top, and continue down to the longest piece so that you have a tree shape. Between each length of ribbon, leave a small border of paper.

  5. Sew the ribbon to the card

    Starting at the bottom of the card, sew a vertical line through the center of each ribbon until you reach the top piece. To simulate a tree trunk, sew the line well bellow the bottom layer of ribbon.

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