How Can You Make Your Beard White for Halloween?

Use temporary color sprays or chalks to dye your beard for Halloween. Unlike semi-permanent dyes or henna, temporary colors can be washed out the same day they are used.

  1. Choose a product

    Select a product to use. Party supply stores and the Halloween section of department stores often have temporary sprays in an array of different shades.

  2. Apply the color according to instructions

    Follow the package instructions carefully. If you are using a spray, protect clothing by wrapping up your upper body with a towel or wearing a robe. Wipe away any product that gets onto your skin. Allow the product to dry.

  3. Enjoy your temporary new beard

    Once your beard color is dry, you are ready to enjoy your Halloween. Be careful not to allow your beard to become wet after applying color, as this can cause the product to fade or run.