How Can You Involve Teenagers in the Production of an Easter Passion Play?


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Churches can encourage teenagers to get involved in an Easter passion play by modernizing the production to appeal to the mindset of younger church members. Teenagers may also be encouraged to get involved when they can display their unique talents by performing a modern dance interpretation or singing a song from the play that has been transformed with a modern beat.

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Youth may be more eager to get involved if they are personally invited to participate in the passion play. Church members should try and get to know the youth and determine their talents to find roles and tasks that suit their interests during the production planning process. Many churches assign youth mentors to personally meet with the youth within the church and encourage them to get involved. Older church members can describe the spiritual benefits of helping to tell the story of Easter to the community.

Marketing the excitement of being part of a play performance may also increase youth participation. Church members can build up anticipation by explaining the fun involved in preparing for the performance and planning activities during play rehearsals to get youth more involved and excited about sharing their talents and interpretation of the Easter story.

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