Where Can You Find Instructions for Making a Diaper Cake?

Instructables.com, PersonalCreations.com and Babble.com are online resources with instructions for making a diaper cake. Supplies required typically include diapers, rubber bands, cardboard, tape or glue and ribbon.

A diaper cake is a popular gift for a baby shower. It is made of multiple layers of diapers that have been rolled up and positioned in place to look like the tiers of a wedding cake. Most diaper cakes use disposable nappies, although cloth ones also work.

The cake can be as elaborate as the giver wishes to make it. It can take as little as an hour to make a simple cake. The cake can be created solely from diapers or incorporate gifts such as washcloths, blankets, bottles or toys. These items can replace the diapers in some of the layers or can be hidden in the center of the cake as a surprise. Once constructed, the cake is decorated with ribbon and bows. Color themes are common, particularly when the gender of the baby is already known.

A diaper cake is a practical gift for mothers-to-be that contains some of the everyday items a newborn baby needs. Making these items into a cake transforms a sensible gift into a thoughtful and unique present.