Where Can You Find Images of Gingerbread Houses?


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Websites sponsoring yearly contests, such as Goodhousekeeping.com or ThisOldHouse.com, feature some of the most elaborate homemade gingerbread houses. Moreover, websites such as Gingerbread-House-Heaven.com feature extensive photo galleries of less complex creations, complete with instructions and tips on how to reproduce them.

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Where Can You Find Images of Gingerbread Houses?
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Goodhousekeeping.com features multiple galleries specifically dedicated to gingerbread houses, which users can access by typing the keywords "Gingerbread Houses" in the Search tab on the homepage. The December 2012 gallery presents some of the best submissions to the annual gingerbread contest, including all the winners and runners-up. For less elaborate creations, the November 2014 gallery presents some relatively simple ideas for the holiday season, including a mini-sized version of a traditional gingerbread house to serve with hot cocoa.

ThisOldHouse.com also features multiple galleries of award-winning gingerbread houses, including all the winners of the site's annual competition as well as some of the most extravagant creations entered in the annual National Gingerbread House Competition & Display. Users can access the galleries using the search tab located on the homepage.

Lastly, Gingerbread House Heaven is a website completely devoted to the art of creating and decorating gingerbread houses. Its galleries include highly complex creations, but also less elaborate and more easily replicated ideas. The website also sells templates and decorating kits, and features a large variety of recipes and step-by-step instructions.

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