How Can Icicle Lights Be Hung?


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To hang icicle lights, a person should first plan the design for the home, gather supplies to hang the lights, test the lights, attach the lights and step back to admire the lights. Icicle lights look great when hung on the roof or fence and conjure up images of a snowy and icy white Christmas.

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  1. Plan the design
  2. This is the initial step where the homeowner should decide where the lights will go. Will they be put on the roof? All four sides of the roof or just the front? How about the fence? Answer these questions before moving forward.
  3. Gather supplies
  4. Depending on the design that has been chosen, a person will need to gather their supplies including the icicle lights, clips and glue or nails and a hammer, a partner to help and a measuring stick. Take extra care in choosing the icicle lights because they come in different colors and even white lights have a different aurora.
  5. Test the lights
  6. Once the supplies have been gathered and the design has been planned, the lights should be tested. No one wants to spend time hanging up lights only to find out that they do not work.
  7. Attach the lights
  8. This is the step where the lights are actually put up. This step can go one of two ways. A person can attach clips to the fence or roof and hang the lights from the clips or they can hammer nails under the shutters and thread the lights around the nails. Either way works.
  9. Admire the icicle lights
  10. Stand back and admire those beautiful icicle lights. Gather the whole family and take a drive through the neighborhood to see if anyone else has a house with icicle lights.
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