Where Can You Find Free Greeting Cards Online?

Where Can You Find Free Greeting Cards Online?

Care2.com, BlueMountain.com, and 123Greetings.com offer free electronic greeting cards that can be sent via email. As of 2015, American Greetings offers a free e-card trial, which lets users send e-cards at no cost for a short time period. Free printable card templates for Brother printers are available on the Brother website.

Free electronic greeting cards are available for a wide range of holidays and special occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, Easter and weddings. Other options include free sympathy cards, thank you cards and religious cards. Some sites let users customize free greeting cards with their own photos or text, and some e-cards are animated or accompanied by music. Most greeting card sites are searchable, so the user can narrow down the choices by occasion or can opt to browse through funny, romantic, inspiring or sincere cards.

Sites that offer a free electronic greeting card trial for a limited time typically also have a fee-based greeting card service. This type of service lets the user send unlimited e-cards during the subscription period. Some free e-card providers, such as Care2, donate money to a charity for each greeting card sent from the site. In addition to greeting cards, free electronic invitations and announcements are also available on many e-card sites.

123Greetings contains almost any type of online greeting card imaginable, going from classic, static ones, to animated ones. You can find cards for a wide range of occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. You can also find some for day-to-day needs, such as saying sorry to a friend, telling someone you miss him, and greeting someone good morning.

The American Greetings Corporation has been around for over 100 years. Despite not having been around in the online form since its conception, it still has experience in the field. This company offers many lines of greeting cards, including Carlton Cards, Papyrus, Gibson and American Greetings. As for the free cards they offer online, you can find a great deal of variety. For instance, there are cards to express love, sympathy, congratulations and encouragement.

Blue Mountain also has tremendous variety when it comes to the cards it offers. Through the company, you can send friendship-related cards, get well wishes and thank you thoughts. Not only this, but the company also covers a great deal of holidays, including Oktoberfest, Boss Day, Father's Day and Fourth of July.