What Can You Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas?


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AskMen recommends buying classic gifts for a girlfriend at Christmas, such as jewelry, wine, handbags, shoes, books and music. Practical gifts, such as winter coats and sweaters, also make great presents. Some people wish to splurge on more expensive items, such as cameras, laptops, tablets and cellphone upgrades. Kitchen items, such as juicers, coffeemakers and cooking kits, are additional options to suit some women's tastes.

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Anna Bediones of Cave magazine explains that Christmas gifts should fit the level of commitment a couple shares so that women do not misinterpret the gesture behind the presents. For example, new couples should choose gifts that lack too much sentiment and are not overly expensive so that a woman is not led to believe that the relationship is more serious than she thought. Bediones says that long-term girlfriends deserve gifts that demonstrate their partner's attention to detail. Couples should have a discussion before Christmas gifts are purchased to establish clear budgetary guidelines so that one person does not over- or underspend on a present for the other. Bediones suggests gifts such as tickets to a sporting or music event, framed artwork, stuffed animals and personalized keepsakes.

Jenna Autuori of Men's Fitness reminds people to stay tuned-in to their girlfriends, and listen to the hints the women drop about what they would enjoy as a gift. Getting a girlfriend something she has mentioned wanting in passing shows you are listening and is likely to make her feel special.

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