Where Can You Find Funeral Speeches for a Deceased Mother?


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Websites such as YourTribute.com, RemembranceProcess.com and Everplans.com provide examples of funeral speeches about mothers. Speakers at funerals often focus on the personal qualities, hobbies and interests that made the mother unique. You can also list some special events that occurred during your mother's life.

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Where Can You Find Funeral Speeches for a Deceased Mother?
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You can organize a funeral speech by chronological order based on specific events in your mother's life, or you can divide the speech into separate topics, such as personal memories, family memories and examples of how your mother influenced or cared for others. Organizing a funeral speech chronologically or by topic helps prevent audience confusion and allows you to include a variety of memories about your mother throughout the speech.

Before the funeral, you can rehearse your speech in front of others. Rehearsing a funeral speech allows you to correct any mistakes. Rehearing the speech may also trigger additional memories that you can add to the final draft. You can either memorize the speech beforehand or read the speech during the funeral.

When delivering a funeral speech, you must speak slowly, breathe often and periodically make eye contact with the audience. You can pause or stop at any time during the speech if you become emotional.

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