How Can You Fall Asleep on Christmas Eve?

can-fall-asleep-christmas-eve Credit: maximkabb/iStock/Getty Images

To fall asleep on Christmas Eve, it's best to maintain a relaxed atmosphere during the evening hours. Reading a book or simply enjoying the quiet can help bring sleep easier.

Those trying to fall asleep should keep the room as dark as possible. If there are light sources that cannot be covered or shut off, a sleep mask is effective.

Things to Try

  • Soothing noises can help induce sleep. Some of the popular options include nature soundtracks. Other good choices are classical music and white noise from a fan.
  • Preparing the body for sleep is essential. This is done through flexing the muscles individually and relaxing them.
  • Keeping the room temperature around 65 degrees can help people not only fall asleep easier but sleep better throughout the night.
  • Since some foods cause alertness, people should avoid drinking or eating large amounts of caffeine or sugar before bed.