How Can You Dress up in Disco Clothes for a Party?

To dress in disco clothes, wear polyester, spandex, slinky clothing and platform shoes. Think of over-the-top, tacky and shiny accessories and white polyester suits like the one made famous in "Saturday Night Fever." Find examples online or look in a costume or thrift shop for inspiration.

  1. Make yourself into a disco maven

    To dress as a disco queen, wear loud, shiny spandex outfits. Find a slinky, silky wrap dress. Look for something made of gold lamé or a top covered with sequins. Look for fake fur, mismatched prints and loud paisley. Accessorize your look with huge sunglasses, huge hoop earrings and clunky platform shoes. Your hair should be either perfectly straight or hugely frizzed. Use blue eye shadow with lots of black liner, and wear frosty lipstick.

  2. Dress up like John Travolta

    Find a picture of John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever." Search for a completely matching suit made of polyester, such as a leisure suit. If you can find the white polyester suit, get it. If you can't find the suit, try to find bell bottoms and a shiny polyester shirt - leave it open at the top to show plenty of chest hair. Wear black platform shoes and multiple gold chains around your neck. If you find a velour jumpsuit, more power to you!

  3. Remember to be over-the-top

    Think big hair and shiny clothing. If it appears to be tacky and over-the-top for today then it is probably just right for disco.