How Can You Design a Fake Graveyard for Halloween?


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Design a fake graveyard by cutting tombstones of different shapes and sizes out of cardboard, Styrofoam or plywood. Use stone spray paint to give the tombstones a realistic texture, and draw or stencil amusing names and epitaphs, such as “Otta B. Alive” or “Here Lies Neva D. Ceased.” Attach stakes or PVC pipes to the tombstones to mount them in the ground. Position some tombstones at an angle to give the graveyard a spookier appearance.

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Use fake flowers, wreaths, cobwebs and plastic bats to decorate the tombstones. Making plywood tombstones with waterproof paint gives you the option to preserve them for several years. Plastic tombstones are also available if you don’t want to make them from scratch. Create the menacing graveyard ambiance by setting up a smoke machine and placing black lights in the ground to showcase gloomy scenes.

Populate the graveyard with undead visitors by placing skeleton or zombie torsos, heads and arms coming out of the ground in front of tombstones. For added effect, lay small piles of dirt in front of tombstones to make them appear freshly dug. Fill the rest of the graveyard with spooky accents, such as plastic rats and jack-o-lanterns on the ground and creepy faces on trees. You can also create gnarled, deadened trees out of cardboard or foam. Play spooky tunes to set the mood on Halloween night.

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