How Can I Decorate a Room for a Pajama Party?


Colorful pillows, stuffed animal toys and glow sticks are all easy and economical ways to decorate a room for a pajama party. For birthdays and special events, it is popular for children and teens to invite a group of friends over to spend the night watching movies, playing pranks and performing other shenanigans. The right decorations will help make the night a success.

There are many other ways to decorate a room for a pajama party. Create a clever place to sit and eat dinner and a slice of cake by transforming a dining room table to look like a bed. Sheets and a comforter can be used in lieu of a tablecloth while pillowcases can be placed over the backs of chairs and secured with coordinating ribbon.

Lighting is also an important factor when decorating a room for a pajama party. Turn off the lights or dim them and add accent lighting with a string of holiday lights or glow sticks to illuminate the evening. For a fun lighting touch, install a disco ball or strobe light.

Other decorations may include streamers and balloons. Count down the fun into the wee hours by marking each hour of the night on a separate balloon in a display. As the party continues through the night, have a child pop the appropriate balloon every hour.