How Can You Decorate Paper Bags for Halloween?


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Decorated Halloween bags make great decorations, luminaries or treat bags. Make your own using a few simple items, such as brown paper lunch bags, old magazines, felt, black yarn, glow-in-the-dark paint, scissors, glue sticks and a paintbrush.

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How Can You Decorate Paper Bags for Halloween?
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  1. Cut up old magazines

    Cut out the eyes, ears, noses and mouths from old magazines. Use these features to create ghoulish faces on the bag. You can also trace and cut out interesting patterns. For a variation, use the patterns in the magazines to trace onto felt, and then cut out the shapes.

  2. Paste shapes onto the bags

    Paste the eyes, ears, noses and mouths onto the brown paper bags using glue sticks. Then, glue on the black yarn for eyebrows and mustaches.

  3. Cut the bags to make hair

    Make tabs by cutting several slits into the top of the paper bag about 4 inches down. Then create hair by twisting and rolling the tabs into interesting shapes or rolling them around a pencil.

  4. Paint and draw on the bags

    Finally, use the glow-in-the-dark paint to decorate the bags. Add it to the eyes, ears, mouths and noses to illuminate them in the dark. Write catchy phrases on the bags or decorate them with pens or pencils.

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