Where Can You Find Creative Ideas for Arranging Fruit Platters and Banquet Displays?

Find creative ideas for arranging fruit platter banquet displays at the Divas Can Cook, Madame Noir and Live Pretty websites. The It's Written on a Wall website gives several ideas on how to create fruit displays from a watermelon cake to a chocolate-dipped strawberry pineapple-shaped display. A simple idea is to use a carved-out honeydew melon rind as the display vessel for other types of fruit, such as balls of melon, grapes and strawberries.

The Divas Can Cook site offers a spring-themed fruit platter banquet display idea. The maker cuts a pineapple in quarters so that each piece has part of the green top. After cutting out the core and cutting the pineapple into triangle-shaped pieces, she uses the pineapple rind as the boat for the pineapple. She places the leafy part of the rind containing the pineapple in the four corners of a rectangular platter, and then fills it up with fruit, starting with watermelon on the outside and followed by honeydew and cantaloupe on the inside between the pineapple corners. Finally, she mounds grapes in the middle with blueberries in strips on either side of the pineapple boats, and flowers interspersed throughout the arrangement.

Live Pretty suggests using a styrofoam cylinder for the display area with whole pineapples surrounding half the cylinder and covering the rest of it with greenery. Cantaloupe melon boats made from the rind of half a melon, hollowed out and cut to flower petal shapes, are placed strategically over the greenery and filled with different types of fruit.