How Can You Create a 70th Birthday Speech?

can-create-70th-birthday-speech Credit: Stuart Caie/CC-BY 2.0

To create a 70th birthday speech, begin by writing an outline and then write at least five paragraphs. Each paragraph should touch on a significant aspect or event related to the person having the birthday.

The first steps related to writing a birthday speech vary depending on whether the speech is written for the birthday celebrant to deliver or for someone else who is giving a speech to commemorate someone else's birthday celebration. If the person celebrating a 70th birthday is the person writing a speech, he needs to decide which parts of his life he wants to discuss. It can be helpful to go decade by decade and choose the most significant events from each decade. Once the speaker has decided what to write about, he can begin thinking about the people that he wishes to acknowledge. A good birthday speech starts with an icebreaker (such as a joke or a funny quip) and ends with a thank-you paragraph that acknowledges the significant people in his life.

When writing a speech from the perspective of a person who is celebrating someone else's birthday, the writer needs to talk to the other people in the birthday celebrant's life to get the necessary stories and details. The speaker is likely to have his own memories and stories to share, but a speech is made more complete if it includes details from all aspects of the birthday celebrant's life. The writer may also interview the person who is celebrating his 70th birthday if the element of surprise is not a concern. For the thank-you paragraph, rather than thanking the people in the speaker's life, the speech should thank the person celebrating his birthday for how he has touched the speaker's life and the lives of others.