Where Can You Find a Collection of Holiday Sayings?

can-collection-holiday-sayings Credit: andersbknudsen/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Collections of holiday sayings are available at QuoteGarden.com, BrainyQuote.com, Best-Self-Help-Sites.com, Storkie.com and PaperCulture.com. Most of these focus on the December holidays of Christmas and the New Year, with some for Hanukkah and for the generic holiday season.

Quote Garden's collection of sayings comes from literature, famous people in history and some celebrities. BrainyQuote has sayings that include the word "holidays," so some talk about holidays in general or holidays other than the ones in December. The quotes and sayings on Best-Self-Help-Sites.com are inspirational in nature. Storkie lists greeting card and invitation messages. PaperCulture offers whimsical as well as traditional holiday card sayings.