Where Can You Find a Christmas Wish List Template?

can-christmas-wish-list-template Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images

There are a number of sites that offer Christmas wish list templates. The site chosen depends entirely on which template is preferred. Mr. Printables has printable Christmas wish lists that have different backgrounds. SheKnows also has a Christmas wish list and a holiday wish list with special fonts and colors to remind users of the holiday season.

Mr. Printables has downloadable Christmas wish lists in PDF format; any device can download and read these lists as well as print them off. The template is not editable on the website but must be printed off and written on by hand. SheKnows does not have downloadable Christmas wish lists. The forms on this particular website are printable off of the site and include the special formatting as long as the users have color printers.

Microsoft has a templates website that users of the product can download for free and use in Microsoft Word. The office program allows users to download the template from the website and into the word application. Once downloaded into the application it can be printed off and written on by hand or it can be edited inside Microsoft Word. This allows users to tweak the layout as well as the content before printing.