Where Can You Celebrate New Year's Eve in New York City?

The most popular place to celebrate New Year's Eve in New York City is Times Square, where attendees can watch the world-famous Times Square Ball drop. Tourists around the city can attend a concert, go to a bar or restaurant, or take a cruise in the New York Harbor.

Watching the ball drop is an extremely popular event that draws over a million attendees annually. People show up many hours in advance, so it is crucial to get there early and be ready to stand in place for many hours. Tourists can also stay the night in a hotel in Times Square to get a more exclusive view of the ball drop, but guests must make reservations far in advance.

Many venues in New York City host live music on New Year's Eve. The New York Philharmonic performs an annual concert of classical music. For the spiritually-minded, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine also holds an annual Concert for Peace.

There are many cruises around the harbor on New Year's Eve featuring dancing, live music and drinks. Some cruises take guests to prime locations for watching fireworks, while many other cruises visit New York's best sightseeing locations. There are also family-friendly cruise options for people traveling with children.