What Can You Do to Celebrate Your 40th Birthday?

Ideas for a 40th birthday party include a cocktail party, a night out on the town, a spa day or a golf day. These parties offer unique experiences that can be tailored to the tastes of the celebrant, whether those tastes tend more toward reserved gatherings or extravagant celebrations.

A cocktail party is a tasteful choice for a 40th birthday, whether the celebrant prefers a small gathering or an all-out gala. Hosts can create unique cocktails based on the celebrant's tastes, while hors d'oevres and other sophisticated snacks offer an elegant touch. A dessert bar stocked with cordials and gourmet chocolates adds an element of decadence.

A night out is another popular choice for a 40th birthday. Choose an appropriate venue, whether it's a luxurious restaurant or a hip club, and invite the guest of honor's closest friends out for a night of celebration. A rented limousine can bring a bit of extravagance to a night out on the town.

A spa day is one of the most popular party choices for women, and is a advisable choice for celebrants who don't enjoy loud parties. A day of relaxation in hot tubs and saunas can be followed by an elegant diner. For men, a golf day or weekend is a common choice. A day of golfing with friends followed by evening drinks can make for a memorable 40th birthday celebration.