How Can Borders Be Printed Onto Paper?


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Borders can be printed onto paper using the Border and Shading options in Microsoft Word. Styles to choose from include simple lines, shadows, dots and symbols and additional settings, such as the color and width, can also be customized. To ensure that the border will print correctly, the page layout should be checked in Print Preview.

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A common problem encountered by those seeking to print borders using Microsoft Word is finding that the margins are outside the printable dimensions of the page. This is because the page border is always set to 24 points from the edge of the page.

One method to solve this problem is to change the default 24 points in the Border and Shading Options so that the border, or the problematic side of the border, moves within the printable area of the page. All sides can be adjusted separately until the whole border looks right in Print Preview.

Another option is to change the Measure from option to Text, as opposed to the Edge of page. This will bring the border in to fit more tightly around the text of the page. However, this will not be an appropriate solution for those wanting a border around a blank page.

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