How Can You Find Birthday Party Rooms for Rent?

How Can You Find Birthday Party Rooms for Rent?

Most companies that offer birthday party room rentals list the service on their websites. Common birthday venues include bowling alleys, restaurants with play areas such as Chuck E. Cheese?s and McDonald?s, the YMCA and local restaurants.

Most companies plan for events two weeks to a month in advance, so it is important to reserve a party room early. Some companies have reservation options available directly through forms on their websites, while others require customers to call. Restaurants often do not specify birthday party accommodations, but they accept parties as normal reservations.

Creative ideas for inexpensive party rooms include renting a dance studio space or hosting the party at the YMCA. Most YMCA locations allow the general public to reserve rooms, so hosts and guests do not need to be members. Ballet studio rooms can be as inexpensive as $20 per hour.

Chuck E. Cheese?s has been hosting birthday parties since its creation in 1977. The company?s main menu item is pizza, and entertainment includes arcade games and indoor amusement rides. There are 500 locations within the United States.

Bowling alleys are another common birthday party location. Many bowling alleys offer private rooms and the option to block the gutters for younger children.