How Can You Adopt a Family for Christmas?


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To adopt a family for Christmas, first find a local community service agency, such as United Way or the Salvation Army, and ask if there are local families in need. Alert the agency to the budget you have so they can recommend a family size for your allowance. Ask for suggested gifts beforehand to ensure the family members receive something they want or need. Schedule a night to give gifts, eat a meal and play games with the family.

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If no needy families are available through a community service agency, contact your county government to find other agencies or organizations. If you have a limited budget, consider contacting a battered women's shelter and helping a single mom with one child. If your budget is larger, ask to help a family with multiple kids. Ask about the gender and ages of the children, the family's clothing sizes, specific gift requests or items needed for the home.

Use coupons or sale days to maximize the amount of gifts or food you buy for the family. Contact the family or an intermediary to arrange the best time to meet and spend time with the family, or arrange a time to drop off the food and gifts either at the family's residence or through the agency that connected you.

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