What Are Some Businesses That Close on Election Day?

Businesses do not typically close on Election Day, although in Hawaii, General Election Day is a state holiday, so many state and municipal offices are closed. Some commentators have suggested that Election Day be made a federal holiday.

There are generally some closings on Election Day, depending on the city or state. On Election Day 2008 in New York, schools were closed, and county offices and banks had the option of closing. In New Jersey that year, state and county offices were closed, and banks and schools had the option to close. In Connecticut, state and county government offices were open, but schools and banks had the option to close.

In Honolulu in 2014, many things remained open on Election Day. A box office, driver's license offices and the People's Open Markets were closed. Trash was still picked up, and city services such as police and fire protection were not affected. Parks, golf courses, the zoo and other city-owned attractions remained open in Honolulu despite the state holiday.

A 1998 article in The Atlantic advocates for merging Election Day with Veterans Day, which the article asserts would bring home the connection between the sacrifices of veterans and the democratic rights they have protected.