What Businesses Cater a Whole Pig Roast?


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Some businesses that cater a whole pig roast as of 2015 include Porkies Pig Roast, Corky's Catering, DRJ Catering, Sensenig's Meats & Catering and the Pig Roast Guys. These catering companies are established all over the United States from Florida to Pennsylvania and Illinois.

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Porkies Pig Roast offers several menu options including the Pig Sty, Barn Yard and Farm House. The Pig Sty includes one whole roasted pig, two side dishes, fresh rolls and one dessert. The Barn Yard is a larger meal with a roasted pig and an additional entree, rolls, two sides and one dessert. The largest catering package, the Farm House, includes one roasted pig, two additional entrees, four side dishes, fresh rolls and one dessert.

Corky's Catering offers a variety of food, with only the picnic catering menus including a whole roast pig. The Pig Roast picnic menus include a whole roasted pig, additional entrees and side items. Sensenig's Meats & Catering offers several pig roast options from a small 30- to 40-pound whole roasted piglet to a jumbo 170- to 180-pound pig. The pig comes with horseradish and barbecue sauces as well as rolls or optional sauerkraut.

DRJ Catering is a New Jersey-based catering company that offers many barbecuing options. The Hawaiian luau barbecue includes a whole roast pig with a range of other entrees, appetizers, dishes and desserts. The Pig Roast Guys offer three whole roasted pig options.

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