What Are Some Business Anniversary Ideas?

One way to celebrate a business anniversary is to create a sales event around the anniversary date and offer discounts and specials to customers. A business can also hold a contest and give away one or more prizes to winners as part of a milestone anniversary celebration.

A business anniversary is often celebrated with an anniversary party that includes cake and party favors. The party can be restricted to clients and staff members or open to the general public. A business creates the potential to attract new customers by hosting an open house event tied to the anniversary.

A company can bolster its commitment to community service by sponsoring a special community event that supports a good cause. Another anniversary commemoration is for the company to make a generous monetary donation to a charity of its choice and to encourage employees to donate, as well.

An anniversary video that highlights the history of the company and important milestones is an effective way to celebrate the event. The video could be posted on the company's website and on video websites. Another idea is for a business to get creative and affix a special anniversary company logo to various giveaway items such as cups, mugs, pens and t-shirts. Further publicity for the occasion is facilitated by placing the anniversary logo on company uniforms, stationery, business cards and vehicles.