How Do You Build a Nativity Stable?


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To build a nativity stable, begin by gathering the proper tools and materials are needed, as well as a plan, advises instructables.com. Next, the wood must be measured, cut, painted and nailed, the stable and railing must be assembled and moss must be added to the stable.

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Some tools needed to build a nativity stable include a hammer, saw and tools to paint or stain wood. Materials for the stable are paint or stain, wood, nails, sticks and moss. The amount of wood required depends on how big the nativity stable is supposed to be.

A nativity stable's plan should focus on a base, back side, railing and roof that slants to either side. The front should be completely open and the sides should have a fence of some sort, which is usually made with sticks. After the plan is complete, cut the wood using a ruler and square for perfect right angles. Next, paint and stain the pieces of wood.

When the wood dries, determine where the nails should be. Nailing the base to the back and then nailing the roof onto the back is recommended. Nail sticks to the stable or railing to add authenticity. To finish, put globs of glue on the roof where the moss should be placed, crumble some moss and stick it to the roof.

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