How Do You Build a Church Christmas Float?

Building a Christmas float for a church parade requires teamwork, planning and materials based on a specific design and theme. Christmas float ideas for a church parade include using a decorated vehicle as the float, creating winter wonderlands, biblical scenes or even a mixture of fun iconic Christmas symbols on the float. Whatever float is used in the Christmas parade, there should be a common theme that is reflected throughout the display.

If there is a parade committee in place, they can supply materials, planning ideas and even assistance in building the float. The steps below show how to plan the float for the church Christmas parade.

  1. Find out the rules and regulations
  2. The parade committee offers the entry forms, as well as a list of rules and regulations to follow.

  3. Choose a theme
  4. The theme for the float could be a nativity scene, a scene from a popular Christmas song or just a mixture of iconic Christmas symbols, such as candy canes, Christmas trees and gingerbread men.

  5. Gather materials
  6. With the theme design in place, gather materials for the float. Church members and even local businesses make a great resource for scouting the necessary materials.

  7. Determine the platform
  8. The church Christmas float can be designed in the back of a pickup truck or on its own platform that is pulled behind a vehicle.

  9. Take it on a test run
  10. Before parade day, take the float on a test run to make sure everything is working properly and to avoid any mishaps during the parade.