How Do You Have a Build-A-Bear Birthday Party?


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Build-A-Bear parties are scheduled either online via the company's party scheduler tool, in person at a Build-A-Bear retail store, or over the phone with a party planner. Build-A-Bear requires a minimum of six guests for a standard party and a minimum of ten guests to book a private party room. Holding a party at Build-A-Bear also requires a deposit.

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Parties booked in private rooms are permitted to bring snacks such as a birthday cake or cupcakes, but cannot serve meals. Standard parties without a private room are not permitted to serve food. Some Build-A-Bear party packages at select locations include cake and juice.

A maximum of 20 guests are permitted in Build-A-Bear's party rooms. Nineteen guests are permitted at standard Build-A-Bear parties, but a larger number of guests can be accommodated if arrangements are made with a party planner in advance. These arrangements must be made over the telephone with a Build-A-Bear party planner; standard parties of more than nineteen guests cannot be booked online with the party scheduler.

Build-A-Bear stores are not closed to the public during parties; if the party does not take place in a private room, regular store patrons are present in the room. Build-A-Bear does not allow presents to be opened in its stores, even in private party rooms.

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